Physical Education help? please? Know a lot about fitness and sports?

Physical Education help? please? Know a lot about fitness and sports?
1. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of stretching? (1 point)
Poor circulation
Increased speed and power
Increased flexibility
Minimized chances of injuries

2. Which of the following is NOT an upper body stretch? (1 point)
Arm circles
Trunk twist
Straddle stretch
Triceps stretch

3. With which of the following activities should you stretch before participating in?
(1 point)
Field hockey
All of the above

4. Decide which of the following physical activities incorporates stretching on a regular basis? (1 point)

5. Decide which of the following day-to-day activities might be considered aerobic exercise? (1 point)
Surfing the Web
Taking a catnap
Mowing the grass
Paying bills

6. What is the formula for finding your target heart rate? (1 point)
220 - your age
220 + your age
220 x your age
220 / your age

7. Decide which of the following sports can be the most beneficial in achieving cardiovascular fitness. (1 point)

8. What is the name of the artery located on the bottom of the wrist that is used when taking a pulse? (1 point)
The aorta
The carotid artery
The brachial artery
The pulmonary artery

For questions 9-18, fill in the blank with the letter of the definition that best matches the term.


A. Test used to measure flexibility
B. The elasticity of muscle groups
C. Test approved by the president of the United States
D. Measures muscular endurance
E. Measures muscular strength
F. Measures coordination
G. The ability of muscles to perform work over time
H. The capacity of muscles to generate amounts of force in a short period
I. The body's ability to do several different tasks at one time
J. The ability of the heart and lungs to be active over a long period of time
9. Presidential Fitness Test (1 point)

10. Muscular endurance (1 point)

11. Muscular strength (1 point)

12. Cardiovascular endurance (1 point)

13. Flexibility (1 point)

14. Coordination (1 point)

15. Curl-ups (1 point)

16. Push-ups (1 point)

17. Sit and reach test (1 point)

18. Shuttle run (1 point)

19. You have now learned the importance and benefits of weight training and cardiovascular activity. Decide which athlete might use the least amount of weight training in his/her preparation.
(1 point)
Football player
Baseball player
Cross-country runner

20. What is the main difference between free weights and a universal machine? (1 point)
Weight machines build bigger muscles
Free weights offer more versatility
Weight machines can only be used in the gym
There is no difference

21. Which of the following is NOT an upper body weight training exercise? (1 point)
Bench press
Biceps curl

22. Which of the following is NOT a shoulder and back weight training exercise? (1 point)
Shoulder shrug
Triceps curl
Military press

23. What position might someone play in soccer if they did not have strong cardiovascular stamina? (1 point)

24. Name the term in soccer that is used when a player stops a pass his/her feet. (1 point)

25. Which of the following soccer terms shares its name with a popular basketball term? (1 point)

26. You have now learned that a good goalkeeper must posses quickness, agility, and good eyesight. What other athlete requires the same skill set for success? (1 point)
Shot putter

27. How may players are allowed on the field per team in a regulation soccer game? (1 point)

For questions 28-37, fill in the blank with the letter of the description that best matches the term.


A. The elevated vertical board from which the hoop projects
B. The most basic shot in basketball; use the backboard
C. A pass used to cover very long distances
D. A pass used for very long distances, but with higher velocity
E. Either of the two goals in basketball
F. A common pass the utilizes the floor
G. A common pass aimed at the torso of another player
H. Term for dribbling the ball from the front to the back of the body
I. Repeatedly bouncing the ball on the floor
J. A common shot usually taken 5 to 50 feet away from the basket

28. Dribbling
(1 point)

29. Chest pass (1 point)

30. The spider (1 point)

31. Bouncing pass (1 point)

32. Overhead pass (1 point)

33. Lay-up (1 point)

34. Baseball pass (1 point)

35. Jump shot (1 point)

36. Backboard (1 point)

37. Basket (1 point)

38. Which player is usually the best ball-handler on the court? (1 point)
Shooting guard
Small forward
Power forward
Point guard

39. What current scandal is testing the popularity of

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